Association of Europeanoyal Residences

How to become a member?

To belong to the European Royal Residence Network requires two conditions:
- Be a royal place of residence in a country of Europe and
- Be a site opened to the public.

European Royal Residence’ means a residence which has been acquired or built by a sovereign (whether princely, ecclesiastical, royal or imperial) which may be partially still in use today, but must be opened to the public.

The institutions responsible for managing these European royal residences must be permanent and at the service of the public and its development. They acquire, conserve, protect, restore, maintain and enhance the heritage property (buildings, collections, gardens) they manage for the purposes of studies, education and the transmission of knowledge.

Applications are studied by the ARRE board members and the new members elected by the General Assembly. Each year, the members pay their annual subscriptions which are fixed by the ARRE’s General Assembly.

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